Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Microwave oven with smoke damage mounted over range

Fire and Smoke Damage to Scotch Plains Microwave

Over the range, microwaves are handy in your Scotch Plains kitchen until something on the stove catches on fire. This microwave received light charring and smoke damage from a blaze below. SERVPRO technicians have cleaning agents to cut through the smoke damage and remove it from the appliance.

Kitchen Fire in Leonia, NJ

A homeowner in Leonia, NJ called us after they had a kitchen fire. In this picture, you are able to see where the fire started and how it affected the ceiling.

Fire Damage to a Home in Morristown, NJ

A homeowner in Morristown, NJ called us after they had experienced a fire. We got our crew out there and found out upon arrival that the fire was caused by garbage. Luckily, it did not look like this for long.

Grease Fire in Clifton, NJ

A homeowner called us after they experienced a grease fire in their home in Clifton, NJ. In the picture, you are able to see how the fire traveled from the stove top and up the wall. 

House Fire in Edgewater, NJ

This was the cause of a house fire in Edgewater, NJ. Notice how the flames started at the outlet and spread up the walls. Also notice the extent of the damage by the fire, smoke, and soot that was left behind after the fire.

Fire Restoration in Fanwood, NJ

A homeowner in Fanwood, NJ gave us a call after they experienced a house fire. In the picture, you can see the significant smoke and soot damage on the carpet. The owner was completely shocked that we were able to get their carpet cleaner than it was before the fire!

Fire Cleanup in Morristown, NJ

This was the aftermath of a fire in Morristown, NJ. There was a significant amount of damage and debris left behind. However, once our crew got to it, it looked "Like it never even happened."